It was just a drink

There was enough time before the weekly gathering so I figured I’d celebrate Brewfest some with a drink at the Ledgermaine in Dalaran.

The bartender gave me a sideways look as I sat at the bar, but he served me anyway. I had barely finished my first swallow of the brew when he was taking the glass away from me and telling me I was cut off.

“You’ve had enough for tonight, Orc,” said Arille Azuregaze, the barkeep.

“What? I’ve only just begun my first. Put my glass back and fill it back up to the top.”

“I would recommend you move along”

“Do you know what I’ve done for your kind? What I’ve done for the Horde? Who are you to decide after a single sip that I’ve had enough?”

“I don’t care who you are Mr. Hero of the Horde. Your drink is done, Orc, leave before I call for the guard.”

“You have some nerve! How dare you insult me or the Horde.  … Hey Put me down!”

A pair of Kirin Tor guards drag me off the bar-stool and out of the bar. The next thing I know I’m in lockup for a couple of days.

It was just a drink.


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