Then’liath: The Third Watch

Then’liath took the shift after Ambika – ~8am – 12pm.

Ambika had only taken her leave moments before, when the Sin’dorei priestess heard the door to Ghaar’s rooms open.

“Good morning, Guildmaster.”  Then’liath rose from her chair respectfully as the orc shaman emerged from his rooms.  She left the mug of tea she had been sipping on her chair as she did so.  Her husband, Destril, had sent her on her way this morning with a small packet of food and she had managed to convince a nearby orc cook to provide her with hot water.  After she had assured the genially orc matron that placing herbs in tea was just as good as a bracing ale in the morning.

She walked beside Ghaar listening to his description of what her four hours would entail.  As she listened to the shaman describe his morning meditations she concluded that it would be best to wait to pass on Ambika’s sliver of information after the morning rituals were completed.  The priestess did not like allowing her guildmaster to continue in ignorance, though she suspected that Ambika might have the right of it.  For now, she would keep watch and observe.  If the Forsaken priest was found sneaking about during her watch, she would have words with him.

Once she was home, of course, she would definately inform her husband.  Then found herself staring at the pool in the Valley of Honor.  She had been so distracted by her own thoughts that she was no sure how she had come to be there.  The woman raised her chin slightly and began to take in the sights around her.  She saw nothing of concern until odd flickering lights began to appear around the shaman.

Once Ghaar emerged from his meditations, she was surprised to note that he had not seen what she had seen.

“Perhaps the spirits watch over you as well.”  She said nothing to Linedan about Griaz or what she had seen.  She merely told the impassive Bull that all had gone well and left the warrior to see their guild master to his afternoon meal.


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