Corspilla: The Sixth Watch

Corspilla took up watch into the night. – ~8pm – ~12am.

A few hours after dark, Ghaar drifted off to sleep. Poor Ghaar, everyone in and outta his room all day. Must be hard. Corspilla made herself comfortable on the floor with her large bag of knitting at her side. The mage had brought one of the most agreeable of her pets, her replacement rat. Herman was not as bright as Whiskers had been, but he was friendly.

The rat rolled her a ball of yarn and then sat her her lap, enjoying the occasional pet. They had spent a few hours talking about nothing much at all with Ghaar. Pill liked Ghaar for the most part. He was nice and not nearly as overbearing as a lot of orcs. he was definately nicer without the hussy around. Still, it was not as much fun as talking with Davien or playing with the children. She should sneak off to Moonglade again soon. Bring another kitty or some sweets. Oh, more socks and a couple of hats. Children grew fast they would need hats again this year and socks and maybe a sweater.

“Sweater might be a bit much, maybe I should make that for another visit.” She needed to make excuses to visit, not because Davien would make her not go, but.. Well she just did. “I shoulda brought some of that burnwine Verdus gave me, Herman.” She sighed as the rat chittered in response.

That was when she heard it. The window began to open. Pill peered around the furniture that blocked her sight. To her amazement, the window continued to slowly open. It only squeaked once and then a green head popped up. A goblin. The little green person, pulled himself through the open window and dropped quietly to the floor.

The thief headed right for the shelves of Ghaar’s personal things. He barely looked around, missing the mage sitting on the floor, gapping at him. Then again, her glowly eyepits were still covered with her face straps. People tended to get a little green looking at fingernail gashes around her eyes, so she hardly ever took them off now. not like she needed them uncovered to see.

As the goblin reached up on the tips of his toes to grab a statuette off a shelf, Pill jumped up, scattering rat and knitting all over the floor. “RIGHT! Hands off!” With a mutter, she sheeped the startled goblin. As the sheep began to run about frantically, knocking over things left and right, Pill leaped on its back.

“YOU KEEP QUIET! Gonna wake Ghaar, you are.” The goblin, now unsheeped and caught beneath the hissing Forsaken mage, looked terrified.

“Look miss, I was just after the valuables…”

“HUSH UP!” Pill hissed again. ‘Wait? Valuables? Huh? Why? How’d you get in here? Why you robbing the Eye?”

“No, no mam. Just got a tip that there would be money made lifting some small things.” The goblin held out his hands in supplication. Pill could hear stirring from the curtained off alcove where Ghaar had retired too.

“Right! Who sent you?”

“What? No one, I swear it.” He began sweating as fire began dancing across Pill’s boney fingers. “I just got a tip, I swear, honest. Please…”

Corspilla narrowed her eyes. “Tip about Ghaar being rich?” The goblin just nodded and gulped. “Who?”

“Never seen the guy before. Was all cloaked up and dark. Sides, in my business, don’t pay attention to stuff like that.” he did his best to shrug. “Was pretty tall.”

Pill frowned. “Right. beat it!” The goblin was gone the moment she stood up. A slip of paper dropped to the floor and Pill picked it up. She frowned at the details of Ghaar’s rooms on one side. On the other was more writing, but it was not more information for the burgler. It looked kind of familiar.

When Ghaar stuck his head out, blinking sleep from his eyes, Corspilla held out the paper to him proudly.

“Herman and I found a clue!” She failed to mention the reason for the disaster in the room.


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