Kansin: The Fifth Watch

Kansin kept an eye on Ghaar in the early evening – ~4pm – 8pm

Kansin stood cloaked in the shadows, looking across the alley outside of
Ghaar’s apartment. He had a job to do. All he had to do was babysit the
leader of the eye. It wasn’t hard, any monkey could do it. So why couldn’t he
focus on the task at hand? Why couldn’t he get her out of his mind?

The sounds of light footsteps wrenched Kansin out of his thoughts. An elf
walked down the hallway in front of Ghaar’s apartment. Probably female if he’d
have to guess. But how can you tell? They all look the same.

Did she just slow down in front of his window? She paused near the door and
continued down the alley. After she turned the corner, Kansin let his guard
down and went back to his toughts.

She was much closer to Ghaar’s door when Kansin noticed her this time. She had
to be sneaking, didn’t she? He wasn’t slipping.

He let her come close to the door, crept up behind her and gently placed one of
his sharp daggers upon her throat.

“Wahchuwan wit Missah Ghaar?”, he roughly whispered into her ear.

“Na…Na…Nothing. I was looking for Tabea. She’s supposed to”, her words
cut short as Kansin pulled his dagger tighter into her throat. “Nuh, mi nuh
tink so. Dats Missah Ghaar’s house. Yu nuh come ’round here no mour, gots me?”
Kansin shoved her down the hallway, eager to get her out of his sight.

She didn’t belong, but he had more important things to think about.


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