A bunch of us got together after our cross-guild raid to try out this playstyle that we had heard about.


In simplest terms – you start at the lowest level dungeon and work your way as far as you can – hitting each dungeon/raid in order of where the content falls. You start with your character naked (maybe just some simple non or low armor clothes). From there you only wear what your group can find.

We started two 5 man groups (with the intention of eventually hitting raids).

  • Group 1: Gorebash (Warrior), Ghaar (shaman), Sesha (Priest), Kharog (Rogue), Ramdon (Mage)
  • Group 2: Simbi (Druid), Cayos (Shaman), Debreeze (Warlock), Ysani (Paladin), Kaylisani (Hunter)


Been a long time since we’ve been here

Here we stand before Ragefire Caverns.

Fortunately some gear was acquired before we moved onto Wailing Caverns.

WailingCavernsboy it sure is dark in the caverns

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