Everywhere You Want to Be: The Blasted Lands

Archaeology, that soul-sucking bitch of a profession, is kind enough to throw us a bone from time to time. Not literally (well, except in the case of walking skeletons, but that is different, dammit), but rather in the form of nifty toys that serve as cool mounts, trinkets, pets, and useful gear.
One of my favorites is the Last Relic of Argus, a broken teleporter that sends you “exactly where you want to go… if you aren’t too picky”. It’s arguably my favorite artifact so far (ask me again when I get a Zin’rohk). Whoever invented this little treat has my thanks. Every time you use it, it ports you to a random location, and usually the view is nothing short of awesome. I took a screenshot of the very first place it dumped me, and I still do it every time because, well, it’s neat and I like to share.
Without further ado, the first in a long series of neat screenshots of the places Bika ends up:

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