Changes are coming!


We’ve taken the leap into Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Noxilite is remaining a guild in World of Warcraft, but we’re also expanding.

On the Lord Adrass server Noxilite has found it’s second home.

Joining us in SWtOR will be a Republic Guild as well, Coruscant Trade Company, this sister guild is headed by Arrens from the Feathermoon Alliance Guild – Stormwind University.

Soon there will be updates to the front of this website, allowing our members from both games to post around their characters’ activities, comments/commentaries on the games, and more.

Some of you may have noticed that our forums have been updated already.

If you don’t have the access you expect, or wish to have greater access into the forum/website, please contact me either in one of the games or through the forum.

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