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Many years ago, by order of Lady Sylvannas, a group was formed from amongst her most trusted. Their purpose was to aid the Royal Apothecary in understanding the weaknesses of the scourge. By gaining in-depth knowledge of their enemies, the apothecary believed they could create a plague to rid the lands of the scourge and thereby solidify their hold of Lordaeron.

The apothecary had given this as of yet uncreated plague the name of Noxilite (meaning “Dead of Night”). The group took up this name and vowed to hold it until their goal was met and the plague decimated the scourge. The members of Noxilite battled the scourge relentlessly while always passing along any new information they discovered to the apothecary.

They became masters at detecting even the subtlest details in their foes because any new bit of data could be the key to procuring the plague. For this reason they created a tabard with a watchful eye on the front. It meant to serve as a reminder of their goal and their duty to be ever mindful.

Noxilite grew strong. Only the most trust-worthy individuals were allowed in to the order of Noxilite, for the data could be easily sabotaged if placed in the wrong hands. Orcs, trolls and tauren soon joined the ranks as well. With the induction of members from the other races, came a greater understanding of the other threats in Azeroth, namely the centaur, murlocs, Burning Legion and most importantly the Alliance.

Noxilite has now turned its watchful gaze unto all the threats that infest Azeroth. But for now the threat of the Alliance has become the main focus. Their vicious attacks upon the horde and their internal corruption, makes them deadly enemies.

The members of Noxilite are loyal to each other and their cause. Fighting alongside each other for so long has fostered deep bonds of friendship. For many of the members, Noxilite has become the only family they have left upon the lands of Azeroth. Together they fight for each other and for the ultimate peace that the plague will bring to the lands.

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