Ranks and Rules

Guild Ranks


This position is held by the leader of Noxilite. He also has the power to manage the ranks and to implement new guild policies and make procedures put forth by the Watchers official.


Watchers have the authority to invite/promote/demote/remove members and to declare guild policies and procedures.
They sit on the Inner Council with the Beholder, and assist the Beholder in all rulings.

Lore and Raid Mistresses
These positions are empowered to assist the members of Noxilite with questions about the various events we hold. They are not expected to host every RP or Raid event, but they should be able to provide some sort of assistance.

Witnesses are those who battle along side their brethren and contribute to helping out others. Once a new witness has been a member of the guild for a month, he or she may cast a vote for any new applicant.

A rank to keep track of everyone’s alts in Noxilite.

General Guild Rules

  • Thou shalt play to have fun!
  • Respect your guildmates. Treat them as you would like to be treated.
  • Guild chat must be kept in character at all times.
  • Some topics are discouraged from the asylum due to the sensitive nature of the topic. For example: Politics, Religion … just be aware of who is currently around and how they may approach or react to such topics.

Item/Tradeskill Rules:

  • Rare and epic items found from the lands of Azeroth must be offered to members of the guild free of charge. If after 3 days, no one from the guild will use said item the owner is free to place it in the Auction House. If you wish, these items can be placed in the guild bank.
  • Epic/Rare items should be posted on the forums if you don’t immediately find someone who can use them. That way you catch people who don’t play at the same time you do. If you wish, these items can be placed in the guild bank.
  • If you are in a group and they are letting you roll on items because you are an enchanter, you should disenchant them and not offer them to guild members.
  • It is the choice of the owner to do what they wish with green items found.
  • You can at most charge the minimum cost price of materials when using your tradeskills to benefit guild members. (ie. enchanting, or crafting armor/weapons)
  • If you are provided the materials to perform a tradeskill service to a guild member you may not charge them for the service.
  • We have a guild bank, participation is 100% optional.

Guild Raid/Party Looting Rules:

  • Only roll on an item if you will actually be using it. That is, don’t roll if you want to sell it, trade it, give it away, disenchant it, or store it for future use (e.g. a fire set for molten core). If you have already won a blue or better with that group, you should pass or ask for permission to roll again. If everyone in the group passes, then hold a /random 100 for the right to do with it as you please.
  • In many of the higher end instances we adopt the following loot rules: Greed on all Uncommon (green) BoE, speak up if it’s an upgrade before rolling need. Pass on all other loot type (Rare BoE/BoP, Epic BoE/BoP, and Uncommon BoP) and discuss. This assumes that the guildmates you’re traveling with have been in this instance before, and allows the trip to keep progressing forward.

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