Prophecy of Light

“The Light is Benevolent.  The Light is Strong.  The Sin’dorei are strong, and the Light is our Strength.  So shall we bend it to our will.”

Since its inception just prior to the alliance of the Sin’dorei to the Horde, the Prophecy of Light has become one of Silvermoon’s highest-performing Blood Knight Orders in spite of repeated public reprimands and violations both administrative and civil in nature.

Under the stern authority of Lamis Dal’Theron, the relatively tiny order soon swelled its ranks with Blood Knights deemed in need of remedial training and discipline. Originally intended as a ‘halfway house’ for trainees in danger of being removed entirely from the program, it developed a reputation for turning even the most dysfunctional recruits into formidable Light-wielders and martial experts.

Since Master Dal’Theron fell victim to the Scourge Invasion, Keltyr Sunsworn has headed the PoL, leading the Order to victories first in Outland, then in Northrend and Icecrown.

In spite of its troubles, the Order continues to surpass all expectations, spearheading some of the Horde’s most ambitious assaults.

Executive Officer: Grand Master Keltyr Sunsworn
Second in Command: Dame Dorri’tow Firebloom


  • Dame Dor’eana (Spiritual Advisor)
  • Sir Keilos Dawnstar
  • Dame Ysani Cloudbreaker
  • Dame Hammaryn Dawnsorrow
  • Sir Dalomire Lyander
  • Sir Dir Shiningsky
  • Sir Vassh


  • Fabrio Sunsworn (Secretary)
  • Lady Katanya Flamestriker

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